Choose Our Personalised Residential Care Services in Crowborough, East Sussex

Suitable for a variety of residents, our high-quality residential care services enable you to receive the care you require without compromising your way of life. Based in Crowborough, East Sussex, our care home specialises in providing residents with dementia care services that are
personalised to your needs.

Our staff endeavour at all times to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality, and privacy of all residents within a warm and
caring atmosphere. In doing so our carers are sensitive to the resident’s ever changing needs. These include:

Medical – Therapeutic – Cultural – Psychological Spiritual – Emotional - Social

The Care Plan

The individual plan of care for the residents abides by certain core values of care, which are fundamental to the philosophy of our home. These include:

Privacy – Dignity - Rights – Independence - Choice - Fulfilment - Security – Respect - Equality

Residential Care

At our residential home we emphasise the importance of maintaining
lifestyle choices and empowering the residents to enjoy their lives. We offer discreet and sensitive care and support to preserve their personal preferences, choices, and independence. Our care home allows the residents to build and sustain new friendships and relationships both within and outside the care community. This allows them to continue with their hobbies and pastimes that they enjoy and to sample new opportunities and experiences.

To see a copy of our latest CQC inspection report, please click here  

CQC Report

Dementia Care

The number of people with dementia continues to increase throughout the UK and we strive to support as many families as possible on their journey with it. We make sure that the quality of life for each resident is maintained, so that it reflects their life choices and personality. Our staff recognise the uniqueness of that particular individual and cater to their needs with respect and dignity. We also accommodate the cognitive changes that may be experienced with dementia. Since these changes differ we tailor a plan to suit each individual. 

But what is dementia?

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What Is Dementia?

Dementia is not a normal part of ageing. It is an umbrella term for a group of symptoms that reflect progressive damage to the nerve cells within the brain. There are a number of causes that result in dementia. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s.

Their Dementia Care Journey

We know by building compassionate and trusting relationships, and understanding the individual’s biography that we’re able to help that person live an enjoyable and stimulating life. Our care journey starts with us learning about your life. This is so we’re able to create a lifestyle profile to ensure that each day meets all aspects of the six sense framework, which are personal to the individual.

Our Team

Our care team receive extensive training and development to enable them to feel confident with their communication and observational skills
when supporting residents who are living with dementia. We also conduct observational audits, which allow us to improve the experience our residents and staff have in our care home.

Activities And Lifestyle

To meet the individual’s lifestyle profile, we support and help them to continue enjoying their everyday routines. Alongside this we run a programme of regular events that contain engaging activities for our residents to get involved with. From social events and entertainment to cultural experiences and opportunities, our dedicated lifestyle team offer a variety of activities to choose from. These team members work closely with the residents and our care professionals to discuss and plan to meet the individual’s goals and aspirations.


At High Broom Residential Care Home we’ve received an extensive range of positive reviews about our staff and on our care services. Our testimonials include:

• Nurse, M, complimented the home on how well cared for the residents are and how nice the staff are.

• S popped in to ask if we could make her mother a priority on the waiting list. She felt High Broom was where she would like her mother to be, as the staff are a credit to the care home and the home itself is warm and welcoming. She has viewed other homes and High Broom was by far the best.

• Mrs H called following her respite care with us and complimented the home on how welcoming the staff were and how much she appreciated all our hard work.

• Jr, son of D called to inform us how pleased he was with his mum’s care and the kindness shown by the staff at High Broom.

• Dr H complimented the home on how well we cared for Mrs West. He was impressed with all that we have put in place and all that we are doing for her in relation to her dementia care. St, Mrs W's daughter complimented us on the excellent care we are giving her mum. 

• Paramedics attended High Broom and complimented the care and kindness given towards the resident that they had been called to see.

• A, daughter of Mrs B, emailed to thank us for her mother’s Christmas present and to thank us for the care we give her mother.

• Dr H, consultant psychiatrist informed P at an appointment, which was attended with Mrs W, that it’s very rare for a home to know the resident from top to bottom and he informed D that she was very lucky to be living at High Broom.

• A best interest assessor complimented the home on ensuring Miss F remains safe and well cared for.